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ExagerateOnce again some faction banks have reset to 0 crowns. If you know what balances you are missing, report them to me in-game and I will restore it.
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ChloeWaterwood   resident_weevil does that mean you live in rome??? (0.0)
cubeman_minor   Hyksos, lost 27 - 28K
resident_weevil   i live in verona, still a roman city, but bout 500-600 kilometers north
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ExagerateThe king has enacted the following laws:
• Taxes are lowered to 1c.
• The 1st of every month is King Day.
• All factions must have a grand chamber to host the king.
• Road Tolls for those entering Kings Land.
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ninjakiwis23   No thanks. You aren't welcome in my faction Liam
ninjakiwis23   <3
Vecceh   Kings Land is the Central Continent of the known world. Reapers is the furthest Eastern nation, the Templarian Capital is the northern most city, The Royal Palace the most western, and Albion the furthest South.
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