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ExagerateNotice to all, Saturday's Flight 101 Event has been pushed forward to later in the same day, it will now begin at 21:00 UK time, 16:00 EST, 15:00 Central, 13:00 PST, 08:00 Eastern Australia by popular demand (including me!).

I apologise if this is not ideal to everyone, we hope that at least more of you will be able to make it now.

See you Saturday, and please remember that this event will be a long lasting one ... Unless you DIE!
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tmc510   First like and comment
SwagDroid4G   I'll see if I can sneak out of work to go; snow's expected here so I might not have to go anyway :sick:
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ExagerateHUGE happy birthday to our very own MellyVG257! Hope you had a great day.
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SwagDroid4G   Hope you had a good one Melly! :sick:
falco0909   Happy Birthday! Moooo!
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ExagerateRenting is back everyone! See this new sticky for all help with renting. We're going through shop by shop to put them all back on sale and all small market stalls & large market stalls are already available for sale. See this thread for more information. [link]
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