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ExagerateRank & Coin sale ends at 00:00 UK time.
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EdMuRaStu   Nu... When's the next one? Halloween? I need to find someone :/
EdMuRaStu   Never mind lol
MrToxicVoltage   seriously though when is the next one?
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Exagerate   uploaded 17 images to Easter 2014
ExagerateThe evil rabbits have been defeated thanks to the hard work and dedication of Empire Legacy users who managed to find the hidden egg passwords around Easter Island. The passwords were enough to put the evil Bunny Overlord into a coma for approximately 365 days. Congratulations to skin competition winner Abbikin12 and runners up PetrayVirus, OsbrosisJones & _Kole_!
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lego2dood   i was there
Kealalex   also gratz to the 3 winners of the egg hunt!!! ;P <--- liam mustve forgotten that part.
PetrayVirus   My but on the left there
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