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TheFlyingFerret   created a new thread Hosting El Unofficially on Mkc in the The Player Lounge forum
ExagerateHello. Hope you're all doing well! Just an update from me to say that I am currently downloading the map as it is, ready for sharing with the community. I should also be able to put the old world map out there as well. The size of the files are huge so cannot give ETA yet, but I am leaving my machine on to sort out the file transfers. The server final switch-off date is the 4th of December. I anticipate the server farm we use will turn it off either at the end of that day or a short time after. I'll also post a plugin list to aid anyone interested in hosting it themselves.

Keep up the gaming!
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superbeagle2   I hope this old world download is still coming, you owe it to the players, they are what made the server great and donated to you.
FreshToodles   Any updates?
SpungeBong   To all loyal EL players who still lovingly come back to this site checking for updates (myself included) I implore you to check out TheFlyingFerret's server which has a separate domain just for those keeping the legacy going.

Our King is gone! with multiple messages at his doorstep and still no sign of a world download, we must look to other means of keeping our community alive.

I know I will.

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